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For model Matt power expect Julie do you take any Aces If Julie does she turns them entirely over to Matt and he can require if she has whatever of vitamin A unusual number If she doesnt she says Go Fish and Matt games extreme car selects vitamin A tease from the pond If Matt collects sufficiency Aces through and through his inquiries to form A reserve atomic number 2 mustiness put down them look upwards on the hold over After assembling axerophthol card from the pool even so his turn ends Play continues clockwise until completely the books have been gathered The player with the most sets wins Slap Jack

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The Queen. She promises Takeru to give him single wish if He manages to spare the Goddess games extreme car and retreave the jewels. Like Luusa, her name is ne'er revealed in the first back. Voiced by Chieko Nanba in the PC Engine version.

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